Tenant Organizing

Why Should I Create A Tenant Union?

Imagine if the Civil Rights movement didn’t have thousands of people across the country contributing. It would not have been much of a movement. When standing up to a person or an organization, we as individuals have far less power alone. When we act together, we increase our changes of winning in an struggle, of being heard, of creating the right solution. We pool together our time, our knowledge, our labor our stories to create a powerful force. Landlords often intimidate or ignore tenants who act alone, especially in Louisiana where tenants have fewer rights.

If you are having issues with your landlord, reach out to other tenants, even if you don’t live in the same complex. Document everything if you can, and that includes photos of the problems. Organize to keep track of tenants, issues, and the responses from the landlord. Landlords will try to intimidate tenants if they find out, so build relationships or start with the relationships you already have before flyering. Work with lawyers and tenants rights groups like the Renters’ Rights Assembly. Not only have tenants won against landlords this way, but they also have been able to help change policy in a way that helps all renters across the city!

Renters’ Rights Assembly intervenes in Bruno Case