Look At This Landlord!

We help moderate the Bad Landlords Nola Facebook group. In it, renters anonymous post about their terrible experience with landlords. Look At This Landlord (LATL) puts a spotlight on landlords who have acquired especially bad reputations in New Orleans for slumlord activities. With this spotlight, we hope to organize tenants on these landlords. There are many names to add to the list. Feel free to let us know your landlord’s bad behavior at the Facebook page Bad Landlords Nola.

Josh Bruno

Josh Bruno is a notorious landlord who has appeared in the press many times for tenant harassment (with firearms!), extreme negligence, fraud, and blatant deception. We have fought Bruno many times and helped get him removed from 5 apartment complexes.

Craig Tolbert

His properties have been famous for their mistreatment of tenants as well as repair and maintenance issues.

Richard Hamlet / Global Ministries Fund

Richard Hamlet is a minister known for his negligence across the country as apartment complexes have faced serious pest, structural, and security issues. All of his local properties have appeared in the media and lawsuits have been issued against his nonprofit.

Laura and Howard Russell

Laura and Howard Russell (aka HR Properties/HR Napoleon) own over a hundred properties in New Orleans and have been used by a number of tenants, fined by the city, and have new stories written about them. Still, they continue to fail to make repairs, they intimidate tenants and keep security deposits. Tenants have been injured or have developed medical conditions from being in their properties, several of which have had collapsing ceilings and infestations of invasive termite species. Even with these issues, they have risen the rent on their properties.