How to Organize! (Renters’ Rights)

How to go about organizing?

  • Talk and connect with your neighbors
    • You can’t organize unless you know each other (cornerstone of organizing is relationship building and connections). Talking to your neighbors can help you to see if others are feeling this issue. Figure out:
      • How long have folks lived there?
      • What issues do they have?
      • What do they know about the landlord and/or property management company?
      • Gather contact information.
  • See if there are common themes that tenants are experiencing (example of problems may be mold, repair, rent hikes, harassment from landlord or landlord staff: issues that are critical to surviving and living. If the issue isn’t critical or widely felt, then it may be hard to organize your fellow tenants).
  • Announce a desire to have a meeting.
  • Pre-plan the meeting with one or two other tenants. Try to get as many folks involved in the planning, but follow our agenda and checklist guide to stay on track. Anyone and everyone can be given a task in planning the meeting!
  • Formally link up and meet with your neighbors
    • Have a facilitator (someone who directs the traffic and ensure the agenda is being followed)
    • Have a note taker, someone who can record decisions, critical information and major topics discussed.
    • Discuss what’s going on.
    • Allow everyone one at a time to speak about their issues.
    • Draw connections about the various things folks are saying.
    • Ask the question: what are three things we want done?
    • Take a collection of the things folks are saying and put them to vote.
    • Make a decision for the next meeting.
    • Contact your local Renters Rights Assembly person.
  • Congratulations! You are on track to organize you and your neighbors! Doing this work has the potential to hold your slumlord accountable. The rest is up to you/y’all, but NEVER hesitate to reach out to us if you have questions, need space to meet, and/or resources for organizing! We got you!

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